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PaintbrushStudio – 9 to 5 – Paperclips


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Baumwollstoff von Paintbrush Studio aus der Kollektion 9 to 5 – perfekt für Kleidung, Kissen, Taschen, Deko…

Cue Dolly Parton!…and get ready for Lysa Flower’s 3rd fabric collection: 9 to 5! Grab yourself a cup of ambition, punch in, sharpen your pencils, type up those docs, make those calls, have a coffee break in the lunchroom and watch the clock until the work day is done. Then it’s time to play! Sew all the things to keep you organized: bags, boxes, iPad covers, pencil cases, zipper pouches and sewing kits! Then afterward, whip up some super cute outfits to work in… I mean, that’s what Dolly would do! Wink!


Material: 100 % Bio Baumwolle

Breite: 112 cm

Gewicht: 145 g/m2